Inspirational digital workplace solutions in the Econocom Experience Centres

2 inspirational test environments

For high-performance enterprise mobility with innovative digital workplace solutions you’ve come to the right place at service provider, Econocom. As a trusted advisor, we guide you throughout each and every step in your digital transition. From concept and implementation to comprehensive support.

Over the years, we’ve accrued specialised expertise in digital transformations and successfully realised countless innovation projects. Together with our ecosystem partners, we’ve reconstructed various applications and business scenarios from successfully realised projects in two realistic experience rooms. We actively demonstrate the potential for digital transformation in healthcare in our Digital Healthcare Centre, and digital solutions for a variety of other sectors in our Digital Experience Centre.

Our experience centres enable you to garner ideas and inspiration for your innovation project and simultaneously test various digital workplace solutions in a realistic setting.

Digital Healthcare Center

Our Digital Healthcare Centre’s realistic healthcare environment enables you to experimentally experience what’s possible in terms of digital transformation in healthcare. Such as a digital operating theatre with videoconferencing, mobile solutions for homecare and Instant Messaging Healthcare apps for example.

Digital Experience Center

The Digital Experience Centre provides realistic demonstrations of various applications and scenarios in other industry sectors. This demonstration room enables you to test a variety of digital workplace solutions, such as augmented and mixed reality, the Internet of Things (IoT) and data as a service.

digit&al experience center 2
digital experience center

What can be explored and experienced?

  • New Way of Working (NWOW)
    Get inspired by real-life business cases and explore what’s possible with digital workplace solutions in your company.
  • Augmented reality
    How seamlessly can field employees communicate with back office staff or trainers via intelligent AR glasses? Try it for yourself!
  • Mixed reality
    Don your HD glasses and go explore a mixed reality that merges real-world features with virtual or holographic elements.
  • Digital Healthcare
    Discover how to set up an e-learning program for nurses or how to enable more efficient interdepartmental communication via instant messaging.
  • Internet of Things
    Transforming collected data into concrete action? With machine learning and the visualisation of key figures, this might be possible sooner than you think.

In our experience centres, it’s not about the technology itself. We reveal potential applications and new collaboration and data management techniques from a practical perspective, in order to demonstrate how our innovative digital workplace solutions actively promote productivity.

Bruno Ronsse, Econocom BeLux Country Manager”

Let’s co-create!

Our Experience Centres are not mere test rooms; they’re also inspiring places for co-creation. Together with various Econocom ecosystem partners, we brainstorm your digital project in this stimulating environment. Either with the physical presence of the players concerned or in a virtual meeting with mixed reality.

Why not pay us a visit?

You’re more than welcome to visit our experience centres in Zaventem. However, we kindly request that you make a prior appointment to enable us to provide sufficient time for a word of explanation or a group tour for your company visit.