Why choose flexibel remuneration with Apple hardware?

Flexible remuneration is on the rise and ICT hardware is an increasingly popular non-statutory benefit. Why introduce a cafeteria plan with Apple products? The figures and numerous benefits speak for themselves!

“The 2018 Robert Half Salary Guide reveals that 4 out of 10 employees would switch jobs if it meant receiving a more flexible salary package.”

Why flexible remuneration is a must nowadays

Flexible remuneration with a Flexible Income Plan (FIP/cafeteria plan) delivers numerous benefits. For employees and employers alike!

  • employees get a say in their salary package and feel more involved
  • non-statutory compensation package tailored to employee’s age/family situation
  • satisfied employees perform better
  • an attractive benefit in the fierce war for talent and personnel retention
  • clearly distinguishes the company from its competitors on the labour market
  • fiscal salary optimisation due to reduced social security rate on non-statutory benefits

Some facts & figures

Research by the various payroll providers in the BELUX demonstrates that:

  • Belgian employees receive an average of 4.4 non-statutory benefits on top of their gross salary
  • twice as many cafeteria schemes were developed and applied in 2017 than in 2016
  • 80% of employers consider employee well-being a key aspect of operations
  • laptops, smartphones and tablets are among the top 10 most chosen non-statutory benefits
  • cafeteria plans deliver +13% productivity, -50% absenteeism and -4% staff turnover

Why include Apple hardware in your device plan?

Apple is a strong and attractive brand for businesses and individuals alike. Millennials, in particular, find the trendy design of Apple devices alluring. Others fall for their ultimate ease of use and innovative corporate branding. In turn, businesses rely on the indisputable reliability and inherent stability & security of Apple macOS and iOS operating systems. In short, there’s something for everyone.

  • Apple is renowned for quality, operating reliability, usability and design
  • you’re certain that your employees are benefiting from high-end IT equipment
  • minimal administrative burden for internal IT, owing to seamless integration & configuration

What are you waiting for?

Flexible remuneration via an ICT device plan naturally involves slightly more logistical and administrative overhead than a pension plan, insurance plan or train season ticket. Indeed, a number of additional factors must be taken into account:

  • Ordering & Delivery
    How will employees submit their chosen options? Who will process the orders? And what about home delivery?
  • Technical Support
    Can and must your internal IT department process all user enquires? How much time and budget will it take and will it compromise your operations?
  • Procedures & warranty
    Who retains the warranty certificates and who manages the warranty procedure? What happens in the event of damage, loss, theft and end-of-life?

Nevertheless, such practical challenges shouldn’t deter you. At Econocom, we assume these administrative and logistical tasks on your behalf, thus providing you and your employees with a worry-free, end-to-end solution.

The result? A win-win!

for employees

  • desirable and trusted Apple devices
  • user-friendly online ordering platform
  • constant overview of available budget
  • ready to use, thanks to zero touch deployment
  • fast and accurate processing and support

for employers

  • minimal administrative burden and end-to-end solution
  • no internal HR/IT department overload
  • control over total budget and device fleet
  • independent and experienced SPOC partner
  • fully customisable cafeteria plan

Ready to make the transition to a flexible remuneration and rewards package?

Keen to learn more about our cafeteria plan service? Or already convinced about the benefits of launching an Apple device plan?