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To ensure the optimal function of your mobile workplace, you require the right business applications and MDM tools. The Econocom app specialists propose a number of recommendations and personal favourites.

Business apps and MDM tools you simply cannot be without

Struggling to navigate the vast App Store range?

Applications are the link between digital users and the underlying administrative processes. They therefore have a direct impact on how your digital workplace functions. But how to choose from the almost infinite App Store range, particularly when new business apps are added on a daily basis? Can you still keep up?

The Econocom app specialists monitor developments in the App Store and digital evolutions closely. Indeed, there’s no better partner to guide your digital transformation!

Curious about which applications offer added value for your operations, challenges and optimisation objectives? We’ve compiled some of our favourite business apps and MDM tools. Allow us to introduce them!

Handy MDM tools for automatic app deployment

We use Airwatch to manage various macOS and iOS devices remotely. Its central mobility management includes customised functions for Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), Mobile Device Management (MDM), Mobile Application Management (MAM) and Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) –  all solutions for increasing mobile productivity. Airwatch also delivers high-tech enterprise network security at all levels via integrated identity management, mobile security and VMware Mobile Security Alliance.

Just what you’re looking for? 
Econocom is a certified Airwatch partner!

The Microsoft Intune app enables us to provide employees with secure access to corporate data and business applications. It can be regarded as an umbrella portal for corporate access control.

Want to make use of this handy app?
Econocom is a certified Intune partner!

The Jamf pro Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) tool was developed exclusively for Apple hardware to simplify Apple device management. In both small and large organisations alike. This app also incorporates the Apple Business Manager for the rapid integration of new devices into an existing network.

Sound interesting?
Econocom is a certified Jamf pro partner!

You’ll also find these apps of interest

Constantly on the road? You can now sign documents digitally on your iPhone or iPad! The DocuSign app enables you to complete and sign documents anytime, anywhere. And readily share encrypted files for signing with others. Its audit tool even enables you to check who signed what, where and when. DocuSign now boasts more than 50 million users making it the most popular eSignature and digital transaction management platform in the world.

Lookout is best likened to a mobile antivirus solution for enterprise use. The app provides real-time notifications on potential security risks and considers your own internal security policy for mobile data security. It actively recommends remedial measures, which can be instantly and remotely applied to all your devices and apps via the Mobile Device Management link.

The ProntoForms app enables field employees to readily compile, collect, consult and share data via their mobile device. It also allows for the creation of customisable forms for optimised mobile workflows.

The app hereby facilitates continuous communication with colleagues and the company network. With Cloud data storage too. And automatic notifications and task lists ensure that data remains clear and manageable for the user.

Aproplan ensures that all construction site parties benefit from the same up-to-date information and facts, such as agreements on timing, budgets and compliance, for example. Users can upload and view construction site reports, inspection reports and other useful information, anytime, anywhere. At the construction site, on the road and in the office. This centralised approach reduces administration, saves time and prevents disagreements, whilst simultaneously increasing site productivity!

1 online subscription for numerous Office applications that enable genuine mobile (co)working. In addition to traditional Office programs, such as Outlook and Excel, this subscription plan also includes handy coworking apps, such as Microsoft Teams and OneDrive data sharing. Updates? This cloud solution automatically ensures that you have the latest versions at your disposal!

Implementation and support included!

For the implementation of all these innovative apps and MDM tools, you can depend on Econocom. We specialise in zero touch configuration with Mobile Device Management and Apple Business Manager.

We push applications automatically and manage them centrally, saving your organisation and its digital users the considerable amount of time and trouble that manual installation processes and updates typically incur.


Prefer to develop your own app?

Econocom also provides expert advice on app development. We make a thorough analysis of your needs, requirements and focus areas. We subsequently put you in touch with expert app developers from our partner ecosystem, who specialise in developing high-performance, reliable applications or customised e-learning apps.

Keen to learn more about these apps and MDM tools?

You can rely on Econocom’s niche expertise for advice on MDM tools and apps, implementation and technical support.