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Robert Schuman Hospital | e-learning for nursing staff

The Kirchberg hospital in Luxembourg is part of the largest hospital group in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Hôpitaux Robert Schuman. In its focus on quality care, comfort of care and knowledge transfer, this hospital network makes ample use of all the benefits of digital innovation.

From e-learning care sector technology to bedside iPad solutions

Care sector technology makes all the difference! At the Robert Schuman Hospital, the innovative integrated solutions of Econocom prove their added value every single day. In the context of this digital transformation, our Digital Transformation Makers have dissected the entire customer journey at the maternity ward, from patient reception to the patient experience throughout the entire stay. The medical staff was involved in the whole process as well.

The result?

Innovative digital care technologies allowing to enhance the well-being of patients, visitors and employees in every area. Patients benefit from an improved quality of care, increased comfort and a better information flow during their stay. The nursing staff, for their part, has easy access to new training packages.

Econocom won the “Patient Experience Award” in the category “User Experience” thanks to the development and integration of a dedicated application for the hospital.
Luxembourg Healtchare Awards
We have supported Robert Schuman throughout the whole digital transformation process. From the conceptual brainstorm to the project implementation and training.
Laurent Casu
Healthcare Director Econocom Belux

What exactly did we accomplish?

At Econocom, we highly value worry-free end-to-end solutions that also offer future prospects. That’s why we provided extensive guidance to the Robert Schuman Hospital throughout the entire transformation process. From the conceptual brainstorming to the project implementation and trainings.

  • Sourcing & digital procurement
    Delivery, installation and customised configuration of digital equipment (400 IPTVs in the patient rooms, 130 tablets with e-learning package for nursing staff, bedside tablets for patients with interactive BeaggleBoxx app, iPad education programme for young mothers, 125 medical carts, etc.)
  • Installation, configuration and integration
    The devices and apps were seamlessly integrated into the existing infrastructure and pre-configured for ready-to-use delivery after a thorough test phase.
  • Financing
    To keep the total investment cost transparent, manageable and within budgets, the devices are billed according to the as a service model on the basis of a charge per device per day.

Our digital transformation projects were honoured with the Patient Experience Award

Every year, leading professionals from the Luxembourg healthcare sector meet at the Luxembourg Healthcare Summit. Among other things, they use this occasion to praise health care institutions (and their partners) that greatly contributed to the image of the sector, the well-being of patients, or ground-breaking care sector technology.

“In 2017, Econocom was honoured with one of the 8 prestigious Luxembourg Healthcare Summit awards. Thanks to our focus on user experience in the course of the Robert Schuman Hospital project, we were recognised with the ultimate honour: the Patient Experience Award!”

For the maternity ward of the Robert Schuman Hospital, we developed a customised app that provides guidance to young parents during their entire stay. Bedside tablets and this customised app combine a ton of functionalities into one user-friendly tool. This is a prime example of how care sector technology and the human aspect are perfectly compatible.

  • reception: registration of patient information, interactive welcome brochure, etc.
  • information: practical hospital information, information on meals and menus, guidelines for medication and instructions for care, practical tips for young parents, etc.
  • recreation: game apps, e-reader, TV, radio, newspaper, etc.
  • communication: social media apps, internal messaging, appointment calendar, etc.

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