Are you getting the most out of your digital workplace?

Digital workplaces… as many challenges as there are benefits

Digital workplaces are becoming increasingly interactive and data-driven. An efficient information exchange is therefore crucial to increase productivity and employee satisfaction, and to raise customer excellence levels. At the same time, digital users and B2C consumers are increasingly setting the standard for B2B organisations. Digital users want to be able to connect anywhere, anytime, anyhow, and automatically expect continuous and agile ICT support. This presents a considerable challenge for IT departments, which have to guarantee technical support, operational reliability and compliance for increasingly diverse device fleets.

Digital users come first at Econocom!

We’re rising to the challenge, by bringing all communication and information flows together into a single mobile-friendly network and making this accessible, manageable and shareable for all parties involved. Making work processes more quick, efficient and straightforward for digital users is the starting point.

Usability and end-user autonomy invariably takes precedence in our digital transformations. After all, end-user satisfaction determines the success of your digital workplace. That’s why we supply ready-to-use devices and offer complete asset lifecycle management and ICT helpdesk support.

Our user-centric and business-oriented perspective ensures that functionality and simplicity take precedence over technology. This results in greater usability, time savings and productivity, and a considerable reduction in administrative overheads. A win-win situation for both users and the organisation!

How Econocom makes the difference

Focus on customer needs

  • In the modern workforce, knowledgeable baby boomers work alongside digitally-minded millennials. How can we facilitate knowledge transfer between generations with different learning and work ethics?
  • The volume of information that we need to process is increasing exponentially. In the face of this information overload, how can we ensure that employees get quick and easy access to the right information?
  • How can we stop employees seeking refuge in “shadow IT” to satisfy the permanent need for speed? What is needed to provide rapid support and limit the use of risky shadow IT?
  • Usage takes precedence over ownership. Flexible ‘as a service’ models with predictable monthly costs and inclusive services are gaining in popularity. How can we translate exacting end user demands into a business device context?

The all-in-one solution

IT departments crave a ‘worry-free’ approach. They want a service partner that offers end-to-end solutions with minimum administrative burden for the digital workplace. Digital procurement, device configuration, delivery, on-site or on-desk installation, lifecycle management, swap services and service desk support are preferably all included in an all-in price per device.

Our complementary sourcing, managed services and in-house financing offers modular end-to-end solutions that satisfy expectations at a digital user, internal IT department and organisational level.

Our services increasingly focus on autonomy, facilitating ‘change’, increasing operational efficiency and service quality in combination with cost reductions. Here, too, we focus on end-user satisfaction. We have noticed that, out of the need to optimise user satisfaction, organisations are increasingly requesting support from consultancy services on solutions ranging from service provision to outsourcing. With an invariable focus on flexibilisation, personalised services, increased productivity and as-a-service”,

Catherine Sterck, Econocom Products & Solutions Manager Belux and User Solutions Manager.

What can we offer your digital workplace?

Get inspired by our business cases and realistic test setups in our experience centres in Zaventem, or invite us to perform a non-committal brainstorming exercise.