The power of high-performance mobile business solutions

Can your employees remain mobile while working?

In a modern digital workplace, customers and employees are able to communicate with each other anytime, anywhere. This requires reliable and efficient devices and professional mobile business solutions to facilitate communication. Only then can you increase productivity and customer & employee satisfaction, and simultaneously consolidate and expand your market share.

What if…?

Below are some examples of possibilities and applications following a successful mobile transformation:

  • Customers needn’t necessarily visit your offices for a consultation with their financial advisor or insurance broker. Their continuous availability and ability to perform home-visits enables your representatives to respond seamlessly to customer requirements. Indeed, consulting and signing documents can readily be performed via mobile devices such as iPad or iPhone.
  • In retail, mobile devices play a crucial role in service, customer retention and sales figures. Mobile payment solutions, for example, offer customers a welcome alternative to long queues at the cash register. And if they wish to know whether a particular item is available in a different size or design, sales staff can instantly check this via a mobile inventory management app.
  • Employees with technical profiles can sign their work orders on-site, consequently wasting less time on costly travel. They also benefit from real-time information on the go, as well as continuously updated work schedules, accurate inventory figures and various technical documentation. Thus saving numerous journeys to and from the office and ensuring more expeditious invoicing.


Establishing a digital workplace with professional mobile business solutions involves a number of tough challenges:

  • How can a seamless digital transformation and operational excellence be achieved with zero downtime?
  • Who will define the requisite business processes for ensuring continuity and operational reliability?
  • How is your mobile workplace currently configured and could that remote cooperation be more straightforward, efficient and cost-effective?
  • How can you prevent unauthorised device usage and protect sensitive business data in the event of the loss or theft of a device? And what about compliance?
  • Which devices, operating systems and applications should you select in order to offer employees user-friendly tools without placing an additional support burden on your IT department?
  • And how will you go about funding all that digital innovation without jeopardising your cash flow, operating budget and growth capital?

The Solution?

Econocom’s independent advice and managed services furnish you with all the tools necessary for a worry-free mobile transformation. And you can count on our unwavering support before, during and after your transition.

We primarily focus on providing digital users with increased flexibility, a greater number of tools and more rapid access to data. This results in increased productivity, significant time gains and cost savings for employees and the organisation.

Ever considered Apple for Business?

Apple devices and iOS & macOS operating systems are renowned for their supreme ease of use and unrivalled operational reliability. An appealing combination, particularly when it comes to professional use.

Want to hop aboard the mobile and paperless train, switch to iPhone or enjoy accelerated growth with iOS in Business? Apple Authorised Enterprise Reseller, Econocom, is the perfect partner to introduce Apple for Business mobile business solutions into your organisation.

What are the possibilities?

Let our realised business cases inspire you or contact us without obligation to brainstorm your future digital workplace.