Increase efficiency with apps & mobile device management

The impact of user-friendly apps

Mobile applications are the link between field services, customers and your back-end business processes. User experience determines continuity, service efficiency and the potential process optimisation of the entire company. Selecting the right apps and correctly configuring them on every device is essential for the optimal function of your digital and mobile workplaces!

“Improve employees’ efficiency through professional & ready to use apps.”
Catherine Sterck
Managing Director Products & Solutions Econocom Belux

At Econocom, we do just that. We expertly guide you through the app store or put you in touch with professional app developers for the creation of a customised app. You can also depend on us for the seamless installation, configuration and management of all apps and devices in your fleet.

Using innovative Apple DEP technology, zero touch deployment and remote mobile device management (MDM), we deliver seamless, centralised and controlled device & application management and security. We automatically push your business apps via mobile device management tools, thus avoiding manual installation processes and associated risks.

Which applications are you planning to use?

Which apps do you require? Which apps may be of interest and what should you consider when opting for a customised app? Our app specialists are happy to provide advice on this and any other questions. Numerous app development companies have chosen Econocom as their preferred and certified partner in the Benelux, enabling us to offer unrivalled expertise and service for these apps.

We also keep a close eye on the continuously evolving App Store and are happy to inform you about our vast and ever-growing offering. Our dedicated app specialists have even summarised some of their favourite apps and created a list of recommendations for your perusal.

Who’s going to manage all those apps and devices?

Mobile device management ensures the seamless, error-free management of all mobile devices and applications in your network. We harness MDM technology to push applications automatically, remotely and centrally.

As a Apple Business Manager, we also ensure the exceptionally expeditious management of iOS and macOS integration, updates and configurations via zero touch deployment, which requires zero physical contact with the devices. We even make devices ready for use whilst still in their packaging!

  • zero on-site interventions or physical contact
  • manual installation processes no longer required
  • substantial time savings and greater cost efficiency
  • correct, ready-to-use app configuration
  • optimal app & device security compliance
  • customised restrictions and rights possible
  • per device/app/user or bulk management
  • remote and timely software updates

Mobile Device Management is the number one solution for time-saving and cost-efficient management of all the devices and applications in your fleet.

Better safe than sorry

Naturally, all those apps, devices and data must be properly secured to protect your data. We also use Mobile Device Management to monitor network, data and device security centrally and remotely.

Want to develop your own customised app?

You’ve come to the right place at Econocom. Our extensive partner ecosystem enables us to put you in touch with reliable business partners and specialised app development companies that create fully customised business apps. However, before doing so, we jointly define the type of app that would best suit your needs and the functionality that it requires.

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