Want to outsource your Asset Lifecycle Management?

The ultimate in customised service

You can be sure that you’ll receive the precise service that you require at managed service provider, Econocom. You can opt for a selection of our comprehensive à la carte services or choose a bespoke end-to-end solution. And you can also leave the Asset Lifecycle Management of your mobile devices partially or entirely to us, leaving you to concentrate on your core business, safe in the knowledge that the management of your mobile devices is seamlessly being taken care of. Econocom ensures that devices function optimally; your employees enjoy a flawless service and we even monitor the associated financial and administrative aspects on your behalf.

“With the explosion of devices, organisations can’t do without asset life »cycle management anymore.”
Catherine Sterck
Managing Director Products & Solutions Econocom Belux
“If you wish to know who in your organisation uses which device since when, asset lifecycle management will bring the answer.”
Catherine Sterck
Managing Director Products & Solutions Econocom Belux

End-to-end solutions with all-in service

You can depend on your trusted digital solution partner, Econocom, during every phase of your digital or mobile transformation process and throughout the entire lifecycle of your devices. You need simply decide which services you wish to add to your customised Asset Lifecycle Management service package. Or perhaps you prefer an end-to end solution complete with full-service guarantee straight away?



  • devices supplied ready-to-use
  • zero touch configuration via Apple Business Manager
  • remote and bulk updates via MDM



  • break & fix service
  • next day swap
  • return shipments
  • fire and theft insurance
  • warranty files


  • removal of sensitive data from devices (also remotely)
  • ecologically sound recycling equipment
  • temporary replacement devices


  • What are your future ambitions and is optimisation of your current plan necessary or desirable?
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