Want to introduce or expand a cafeteria plan with digital devices?

Flexible remuneration works!

In the war for talent and the context of employee retention, flexible income plans (FIPs) are now more popular than ever before. Cafeteria plans enable employees to devote a portion of their salary or bonus package to certain non-statutory benefits. Additional annual leave, supplementary insurance, pension savings, company cars etc. are all popular options. And incorporating desirable Apple hardware such as iPad, iPhone, Apple TV and MacBook into your flexible remuneration scheme is certainly recommended.

“Looking for a solution to boost your employees’ motivation? Launch or optimize your cafeteria plan with Apple devices.”
Marc Nagelmackers
Sales Specialist Mobility Econocom Belux
"Flex Reward enables you to offer iOS devices to your end-users which they are allowed to use privately."
Marc Nagelmackers
Sales Specialist Mobility Econocom Belux

At Econocom, we make flexible remuneration with hardware extremely easy. We provide advice on device selection and set up a customised online order platform. We also manage the administrative and logistical processes associated with your cafeteria plan in order to maximally unburden your HR department.

Just how easy do we make things for you?

  1. Advice on cafeteria plan implementation or optimisation
    We assist your HR department with the full implementation. We anticipate various scenarios and jointly develop “What If” procedures. What happens in the event of loss, theft or end of life for example? And what are the procedures for late intake or dismissal etc.  We also consider any accompanying internal communication.
  2. strategic purchasing advice for device selection
    Together, we select which Apple devices and hardware & accessories are suitable for inclusion in your cafeteria plan.
  3. Easy ordering via online catalogue
    We compile a customised catalogue and set up a user-friendly online ordering platform. Each employee receives a personal login with limited access to their file. HR or IT managers with administrator rights can additionally consult overviews and historical order data. An online payment module can be incorporated for device options that exceed available budget, enabling the employee concerned to pay the balance via a personal contribution.
  4. Logistics & Asset Lifecycle Management
    We provide comprehensive administrative and logistical order management. We also take care of break, repair & fix, return shipments and warranty files. In other words, full Asset Lifecycle Management according to the bespoke agreements we conclude.


With Econocom, you get an SPOC partner with Apple hardware. Your internal IT, HR and procurement departments enjoy full support, allowing them to focus on their core activities. And, the same applies to our Choose Your Own Device (CYOD) solutions, for which we also provide seamless support.

Planning on giving your employees increased purchasing power?

How rapidly and efficiently can we launch or optimise your cafeteria plan? Allow us to explain in more detail during an introductory meeting.