An end-to-end solution for your Choose Your Own Device scheme

The “new way of working” entails choice

Employees expect an increasingly bigger say. Not only on flexible working conditions and teleworking for example; but also in choosing which devices the company purchases on their behalf. Devising a Choose Your Own Device plan is also beneficial to employers. Satisfied employees are simply more productive.

“Troubled about the question which devices to use as the new standard? Just ask the end users! They will tell you.”
Marc Nagelmackers
Sales Specialist Mobility Econocom Belux
"In the era of 'userisation', millenials expect a unique working experience, in and outside the office."
Marc Nagelmackers
Sales Specialist Mobility Econocom Belux

How to get started with a CYOD scheme?

The IT department typically makes a selection of devices according to the Choose Your Own Device principle. Employees choose devices from the subsequent “CYOD catalogue”. Should the employee in question opt for a more expensive device, they can pay the difference. A clear concept that gives employees a say in company IT purchases via a Choose Your Own Device policy involves a number of considerations:

  • Are employees permitted to use devices for private purposes and who has access to company data? Are certain restrictions in place for private usage in order to guarantee compliance with corporate security?
  • Who will select the device, create the order catalogue and monitor the associated administrative and logistical processes? Do the departments involved (e.g. IT procurement and HR) have sufficient time, knowledge and access to the necessary data?
  • Is the CYOD budget the same for all employees and what happens if an employee chooses a device that exceeds their allocated budget? How can you keep hardware purchases within budget and how will you finance these investments precisely?
  • Do all devices comply with company safety, quality and sustainability criteria? What about damage, loss, theft, wear and tear? Who will monitor warranty procedures and predicted end-of-life?
  • Does the internal IT department have sufficient time and expertise to manage the heterogeneous device fleet? And what about helpdesk support for end users?

The Econocom CYOD service

Your IT, business and procurement departments can depend on comprehensive support for your Choose Your Own Device policy. We provide advice, implementation, administration, logistics and technical support to ensure that your CYOD plan remains simple, transparent, operationally reliable and secure. That way, your internal IT, HR and procurement departments are not unnecessarily burdened with additional tasks.

Sound interesting?

Curious as to how easy we can make the implementation or management of your CYOD scheme? We’d be delighted to provide a detailed explanation of our service during an introductory meeting.