Enjoy accelerated growth with our Device-as-a-Service plan

Digital transformation really can be that easy

Econocom has developed a unique device as a service (DaaS) model for mobile device usage with a variety of incorporated services. This transparent and budget-friendly subscription plan makes efficient mobile working feasible in every type of organisation. The DaaS plan offers a flexible, all-in-one solution that incorporates the latest devices without the associated investment pressure.

“Not ownership, but access is the new imperative – not only in B2C, also in B2B.”
Hilde Janssens
Marketing & Communications Director Econocom Belux
"Since we live in a world where ownership is outdated and where technology is used over time, it makes more sense to use an as-a-service subscription to access technology."
Hilde Janssens
Marketing & Communications Director Econcoom Belux

Device as a service enables you to harness all the benefits of a high-tech mobile workplace from the outset, actively accelerates your digital transformation and continuously expands your device fleet according to employee volumes. And the reduced administrative burden and optimal peace of mind provided by the full service package that comes with it also make for an exceptionally attractive proposition.

Our device-as-a-service solution

Our device-as-a-service plan delivers an all-in-one solution at an administrative, technical and financial level. You pay a monthly fee per device, in which both the device usage and service are included.  This provides maximum transparency and budget control, and a ready-made, end-to-end, worry-free solution.

BOS subscription

  • less than 1 euro per device per day!
  • 24 or 36-month subscriptions
  • comprehensive range of services included
  • can be supplemented with additional à la carte options
  • for varying device volumes

What’s included

  • the latest generation of devices at all times
  • central update management via Apple DEP
  • multi-site delivery & next day swap
  • warranty for entire contract duration
  • collection & recycling upon contract end
  • various options for end-of-life devices
  • full asset lifecycle management
  • pay per use or price per user

Additional à la carte options

Device-as-a-service benefits at a glance

  • end-to-end solution that includes both devices and services
  • full service for increased peace of mind and time savings
  • fleet modularly expandable for flexible growth
  • transparent prices for optimal budget control
  • enterprise mobility benefits instantly deployable
  • zero investment pressure, work budget remains untouched

What about end-of-life?

There are various options upon subscription expiry or device end-of-life:

  • You return the devices. You retain a limited percentage of the fleet.
  • You extend the subscription by 12 months or register for a new DaaS plan.

What’s your growth forecast?

Curious about how we can accelerate and simplify your digital transformation process? Or are you interested in our DaaS solution and would you like more information?