Digital & mobile security solutions at every level

How confident are you?

Digital workplaces are becoming increasingly complex. Digital users are continuously “connected” via a variety of different devices. At an organisational level, the number of risk factors is rapidly increasing, presenting serious challenges for cloud, digital and mobile security.

“Users and IT Departments have peace of mind that their data won’t be compromised.”
“iOS provides provides robust and powerful ways to protect data at rest and in transit.”
“Apple devices are secure by design, whilst giving the users the freedom to work.”

Do you know precisely which users and devices have access to your data? Are you sufficiently protected from viruses, hacking and data leaks? And what steps do you take in the event of the theft of a mobile device containing sensitive data? These are just a few of the many questions you need no longer concern yourself with when entrusting your digital and mobile security to Econocom.

“At Econocom, we create functional end-to-end solutions that work, and go on working. Anytime, anywhere. Thus digital users no longer waste valuable time as a result of poorly functioning, outdated or unsafe systems. And can devote their full attention to productivity. Remote update management and Mobile Device Management additionally enables us to realise considerable time savings.”

The Econocom approach

A well-considered, proactive approach enables our security engineers to prevent issues instead of resolving them. We perform a rigorous risk analysis at the device, user and organisational level.

The Apple Business Manager and Mobile Device Management subsequently provide the necessary protection and updates. Delivered centrally, remotely and simultaneously to all your apps and mobile devices.

What does Mobile Device Management mean for mobile security?

  • remote updates for some or all apps and devices in just minutes
  • clear overview of all rights and restrictions at a device and user level
  • you determine which apps may or may not be installed on devices
  • remote config ensures that all new devices are instantly compliant and ready for use
  • etc.

Additional considerations

  • Device security
    In addition to physical protection (e.g. dust-free or shock-resistant covers), access to the device must also be secured. Using PIN code activation or biometrics (e.g. fingerprint), for example. In the event of loss or theft, we block the device remotely.
  • Mobile apps security
    Mobile Device Management allows us to perform updates and antivirus scans remotely. Per device or for all devices simultaneously. Firewalls and restrictions are also managed centrally. That way you can be 100% certain that your network and devices are regularly updated and optimally secured.
  • Data security & GDPR compliance
    How secure is your network and sensitive data? Does your data security comply with GDPR legislation? We answer these questions, together with the data security and GDPR experts from our Digital Security subsidiary, during a thorough risk analysis exercise.
  • Cloud security
    Our cloud engineers rigorously examine the security of your current cloud solution and provide advice on how to increase its security, functionality and profitability. And you can count on the extensive expertise of our DevOps team for transitions to private cloud or hybrid cloud with both on-site and off-premise data centres.

What about Apple security?

“We combine data, app and device security in a single centralised macOS, iOS or hybrid end-to-end solution. And ensure minimal intrusion for digital users, with minimal management and administrative overheads for the organisation as a result.”

The unique Apple Business Manager allows us to rapidly and remotely configure and manage macOS and iOS devices including MacBook, iPhone and iPad. This can be performed separately or in bulk and, thanks to Zero Touch configuration, without requiring the physical presence of the devices themselves.

Better safe than sorry

Stop wrestling with questions on digital & mobile security, GDPR compliance or cloud solutions.