Ever wanted to rent mobile devices?

Tomorrow’s technology in today’s workplace

Technological progress simply cannot be stopped. Innovations follow in rapid succession and new and improved devices are constantly entering the market. Which is precisely why it’s so attractive to lease mobile devices. Device financing offers a flexible solution with zero investment pressure, enabling the accelerated growth of your business.

“Don’t let unbudgeted investments be the bottleneck of your innovation.”
Hilde Janssens
Marketing & Communications Director Econocom Belux
"Digital transformation projects don’t need to have an impact on your cashflow."
Hilde Janssens
Marketing & Communications Director Econocom Belux
"You wish to generate cash? Consider Sale & Lease Back as a solution."
Hilde Janssens
Marketing & Communications Director Econocom Belux

Why choose to rent mobile devices?

  • instantly harnesses the full potential of digital & mobile workplaces
  • the latest devices and up-to-date applications constantly available
  • increased flexibility and functionality with reduced administrative burden
  • predictable monthly costs with zero pressure on balance sheet or debt level
  • maximum availability of credit lines, cash flow and operating budget
  • no depreciation, amortisation or VAT pre-financing risks
  • protection against technological obsolescence
  • scalable solution for rapidly expanding or renewing your device fleet
  • eliminates responsibility for end-of-life approach and deletion of sensitive data

Why choose to rent mobile devices via Econocom?

Our bespoke financing solutions enable you to lease large numbers of devices or high-tech mobile devices without burdening your operating budget, credit lines or growth capital. Thus your ambitions need no longer be postponed due to lack of budget.

We act as an independent leasing company, and can therefore offer flexible plans for asset-based financing. Together, we devise a tailor-made plan that precisely matches your capabilities, ambitions and expectations.

  • one-off project financing or phased financing
  • pay-per-user, per device or as-a-service
  • on-balance investment or off-balance sheet financing
  • linear or degressive depreciation

A reliable financing partner with full-service

  • leasing and services with a single point of contact
  • unique combination of technological expertise and financial engineering
  • stable international company with financial clout
  • flexible financing solutions tailored to your business
  • strategic purchasing advice and guidance on device selection
  • comprehensive asset lifecycle management service provision
  • includes environmentally responsible end-of-life solutions
  • Tip!

    Our customised financing solutions can also be deployed for flexible remuneration via a device cafeteria plan or a Choose Your Own Device scheme, allowing your business to simultaneously benefit from accelerated growth, improved performance and increased employee satisfaction!

Good to know


Your personal e-portal login allows you to consult various device fleet information, such as device volumes, predicted end-of-life dates etc. You can also filter and download this information analytically.


You choose whether to insure your devices against fire and theft via your own insurance company or with Econocom.

Keen to learn more?

Which form of device financing is best suited to your project and will generate the necessary financial clout to realise growth? We’re happy to perform the necessary calculations and discuss optimal solutions during a non-committal, introductory meeting.