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Your entire digital procurement with a single partner

Clever sourcing and well-considered digital procurement are crucial for a successful digital or mobile transformation. After all, the devices and applications in your digital workplace are the link between users and automated business processes. But which mobile devices to buy and which apps to select? And have you decided how you will take care of financing, management and support afterwards? Econocom provides a single point of contact for your entire digital procurement strategy.

“It’s all about user experience : from worry-free ordering to delivery – that’s our obsession. ”
Catherine Sterck
Managing Director Products & Solutions Econocom Belux

Purchase mobile devices with advice

Our vision

At Econocom, we invariably take a solution-orientated, future-proof approach. Strategic purchasing advice and digital sourcing projects not only guarantee the provision of the most appropriate devices; they also ensure optimal ease of use for sales staff, field workers, external employees and customers alike. At Econocom, you’re not just buying mobile devices, you’re buying ready-to-use solutions.

Of course, we also consider the cost benefit analysis for your business, paying particular attention to financial and fiscal optimisation. To this end, we provide financing solutions, as-a-service plans, cafeteria plans and CYOD solutions. You can also tailor our extensive service package to your precise requirements.

Econocom provides a single point of contact and end-to-end solutions for seamless transition, accelerated growth and increased returns from your digital workplace.

Device selection

We provide advice on market trends, product comparisons, service packs and product road maps. Then, together, we select the most appropriate device and accessory range for your user profiles. Field services typically require rugged devices, whilst optimal image quality is of greater importance for marketing and R&D departments.

Apple devices at-source

Econocom is the official Apple Authorised Enterprise Reseller for the business market in Belgium and Luxembourg. You’re therefore purchasing your Apple devices from a partner with unrivalled expertise in Apple for Business.

We have direct access to Apple’s European stock. Enabling the rapid delivery of MacBook, iPad, iPhone devices and all manner of accessories (robust cases, dust-free screen covers, chargers, cables, connectors, trolleys etc.). The same also applies to our break & fix service.

Ready-to-use devices

Zero touch deployment

At Econocom, you can buy mobile devices, which are ready to use in the broadest sense of the word. Apple Business Manager and Mobile Device Management (MDM) enable us to supply ready-to-use, remotely configured mobile devices. Device activation, user setting configuration, network access, app installations & updates and security are all managed remotely, requiring zero physical contact with the device.

Countless benefits

  • ultimate plug & play user experience
  • reduced administrative burden for internal IT department
  • less travel and reduced costs due to on-site interventions
  • greater peace of mind, operational reliability and compliance
  • continuous updates and improvements for optimal customer experience

Easy ordering via standard or custom-built catalogue

Hardware can be ordered via our standard online product catalogue or a custom-built web shop for your company. Custom-built web shops are extremely convenient for the purchase of mobile devices as part of a non-statutory remuneration system. Wish to develop a Cafeteria Plan complete with asset lifecycle management? We’ve got the perfect solution!

Flexible delivery

  • centralised delivery
  • phased partial deliveries
  • direct to end-users
  • repeat orders on demand

Additional options

  • remote activation and configuration via DEP & MDM
  • next day swap, collection, recycling, …
  • device personalisation

Why buy mobile devices via Econocom?

  • mobile devices supplied ready to use
  • various delivery or break & fix options
  • ordering via personalised web shop
  • 1 SPOC partner for digital procurement
  • flexible financing or as-a-service model
  • asset lifecycle management and recycling

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